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Neptune Kitchens

Guaranteed to last a lifetime

The kitchen is the heart of the home; the focal point where families gather, stories are told, food is shared and celebrations given. It is the comfort zone and creative hub for wild parties.

We think of a Neptune kitchen as being pieces of hand crafted furniture that are fitted together to make your unique kitchen layout. Each cabinet that arrives at your house is a fully assembled piece of furniture that has been hand painted, in its construction only solid hardwood and marine ply is used, the use of dovetailed, mortise and tenon joints are employed and all fittings are exceptional in their quality.

We welcome customers to visit us and inspect the Neptune kitchens we have on display for themselves.

Chichester - Suffolk - Henley - Limehouse


Neptune’s very first kitchen. It began as a few key pieces – a chopping block, a dresser and a table – and then it evolved.


A modest chair from the 1700s spied on a family holiday in East Anglia inspired this entire kitchen. It nods, quietly, to Shaker-style design.


A vision in oak. The Henley began as an all-drawer concept. We wanted it to appear simple but think smart. And this year, we re-engineered it entirely. It’s upped its game, again.


Its aesthetic may be sleek and minimal, but Limehouse is our most technically advanced kitchen. It's contemporary in style and thought.

 Interested in a Neptune kitchen? The process is explained here.