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Living Room

The Living room is possibly the most frequently used room in any house, it is a room for chatting with family and friends, for watching your favourite TV programs, using as a work place for homework. So we believe this room needs special attention regarding the look and the practicality and layout. That’s why we have many differing sizes and types of furniture but most of all it needs to be able to last for many years to come.

Take a look at what we can offer by following the links below and enjoy choosing the furniture that’s right for you and reflects your personality.

Occasional Furniture

We have many designs of occasional furniture from a variety of suppliers, we always ensure these are all beautifully made offering a vast choice of design and style.

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Neptune Sofa's & Chairs

These are the pieces that comfort us, that provide us with a moment of rest and a spot of recuperation. These are the pieces that encourage us to sit back and put our feet up. We might not find the time to nap, but we can at least find the time to sit. So we invite them with open arms into every room of the home.

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